At the age of 11 Sensei Matt commenced his martial arts training and valued the mentorship he obtained from his well-respected instructors. Matt was inspired to become an instructor so he too could pass on the many benefits of martial arts to the next generation. He places value on effort over achievement on his classes and promotes the values of focus and discipline.

Matt is a qualified physiotherapist who has gained experience and in the paediatric field. He has a passion to educate children to adopt a balanced and active lifestyle as well as improving children’s confidence and self-belief.

Senpai Monique

Senpai Beryl

This Dojo:

Very large training area with polished sprung flooring. Ample room for parents and spectators to sit and watch. Great lighting, reverse cycle air-conditioning, internal toilet facilities.


Pelican Centre,
105 Shenton Rd,


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Hi Rod,

Having done some “comparison shopping” and also previously had the experience of “buying a lemon” that ended in tears because my 2 children were scared of the person dressed in black that yelled and screamed out instructions as if it was a military bootcamp, you and your fellow instructors did otherwise. You’re approach in teaching karate is with humour, gentle but with firm encouragement and emphasizing on the basics is really bringing evident positive results. My children have developed Physically, personally and socially through their experiences. The important thing of course is that they enjoy it and always count the number of sleeps until it’s karate day. I want to thank you and recommend your Karate school to any potential parents and students.

Simon Inglis

Dear Sensei Rod,

My 5 year old son Tristan as you know has always been one of those kids with lots of energy and often had difficulty sitting still, he is also easily disctracted and he found it hard to concentrate for periods of time. After searching and searching at seversal clubs, we enrolled him with IGKS attracted by the non – contact aspect and the wonderful skills of your instructors. I really like the way you impart discipline, empathy, focus and life skills. I was very proud of Tristan last week when he received an honour certificate at school for much improved behaviour and I feel your karate lessons are a key element in this improvement. I appreciate your karate class and I just want to thank you so much for the improvement of my son.

Lou Castle

My family has been involve with IGKS since year 2005. My son and daughter started at a very young age (5 & 9) and through the patience and encouragement of Rod, they’ve improved their confidence to deal with issues outside to the karate dojo. My daughter is now an assistant and is also teaching younger students.

I would definitely recommend IGKS to anybody considering martial arts for their family. Be on the look out for the martial arts clubs and limited outcomes they offer.

Terry Dunne